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E-News Beat #18

April 2022  |  News and latest updates

LVB-IWRM Programme team visit Water Infrastructure in Homa Bay County, Kenya

LVB IWRM Programme Consultants involved in the projects pipeline development paid a visit to Homa Bay County Government and to its Water and Sanitation Company (HOMAWASCO) between the 16th and 18th March 2022. Upon interacting with authorities, the team proceeded with a field trip to the newly built water treatment plant: Homa Bay Water Supply Project (inaugurated in January 2022), and then to a second water treatment plant and the sewage lagoon treatment site (Homa Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant).


The Consultant team found the water treatment plants to be of a high standard. They are both operated using a hybrid power supply (solar and grid), where up to 70 per cent of power comes from solar panels installed at the sites.


At the end of the mission, the utility made project proposals for consideration by the LVB IWRM Programme: (i) a project that aims to extend the water supply network and coverage, as currently the last mile is covered by the local authorities, and resources can be a problem.  Another project proposal would cover sewage collection and treatment. The latter proposal includes the extension of gravity lines plus ablution blocks, where a gravity scheme cannot work. In addition, it was proposed that the existing lagoon plant be rehabilitated and upgraded with trickling filters plus a constructed wetland.


Solid waste management has been spotted as a big challenge in Homa Bay, where all collected solid wastes are dumped within the city, close to residential areas. This results in a bad smell, smoke, and other negative health risks for the population. The mission proposed for consideration the inclusion of a component on waste management to accompany the above mentioned prominent projects.


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