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E-News Beat #21

May2022  |  News and latest updates

Kampala Upgrading Sanitation Project Gets Underway

To ensure the availability and quality of water resources through regional investments, LVB IWRMP has made upgrading sanitation services in Uganda a priority.  The High Priority Investment (HPI) is located in the Luzira area of Kampala, and will aim to improve hygiene and reduce discharge of untreated effluent in Lake Victoria.

Financed by the German Development Cooperation (through the German Development Bank KfW) and the European Union (EU) the project proposes to transfer wastewater to the Nakivubo Treatment Plant through two new pumping stations to be constructed at the site of the existing Wastewater Treatment Ponds in the area.

The scope of the new HPI is in line with the objectives of the LVB IWRM Programme and comprises a wastewater collection network in the Luzira project area, reducing the discharge of untreated or partially treated wastewater into Inner Murchison Bay of Lake Victoria.  

Image: South-East of Luzira wastewater catchment area, Kampala

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