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E-News Beat #24

June 2022  |  News and latest updates

Proposed pipeline development for Bungoma and Kibabii Town Sewerage Project in Kenya

Representatives from the LVB IWRM Programme, the Lake Victoria North Water Works Development Agency Kakamega (LVNWWDA) and Nzoia Water Services Company (NZOWASCO) visited proposed project sites in Bungoma and Kibabii in Western Kenya this month. The objective was to assess water demand and wastewater generation and to devise the most cost-effective system to address sewage collection, treatment and disposal within the existing Bungoma-Kibabii project.

Analysis of the operational and economic viability of the proposed concepts is going on concurrently with an assessment of the capacity of the Nzoia Water Services Company to operate existing and future assets and identify necessary measures for improvement.

Once an assessment of the environmental impacts and the risks associated with the proposed works is concluded, the Bungoma-Kibabii project is likely to be included in the LVBC IWRM project pipeline.

The proposed interventions include the rehabilitation of the WWTP at Wamunyiri, expansion of secondary and Trunk sewers, rehabilitation of the sewer network in Bungoma Town, solid waste management, capacity building of operation and maintenance staff, and the construction and equipping a laboratory for wastewater quality monitoring.


Image: Floating objects and weeds at Bungoma Treatment works inhibit operations

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