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E-News Beat #25

June 2022  |  News and latest updates

National Stakeholders' Consultation Held In Uganda On Strategic Direction For Lake Victoria Water Management

A stakeholders consultation took place in May in Kampala, Uganda on the Lake Victoria Basin Integrated Water Resources Management Programme Strategy. Four National consultations in Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi were held in preceding months, meaning that all LVB Partner States have now provided their inputs.


Representatives from a range of relevant Ugandan National and local government institutions, as well as NGOs, actively participated in the consultations.


Areas for discussion included the role of local governments and municipalities as well as the Lake Victoria Regional Local Authorities Corporation. These organs are mandated by law to manage solid waste within urban areas and could play a vital role in controlling the pollution of Lake Victoria.


It was concluded that strengthening partnerships with local, national and regional actors will be emphasized in the IWRM strategy. At regional level, implementation will be coordinated by the LVBC Secretariat. Within the Member States, implementation will be overseen by the national lead agencies for the different sectors but will involve participation of other relevant national agencies as well as local government authorities, and non-state actors like civil society organizations.


Other topics debated included gender mainstreaming, deterioration in water quality, challenges faced by the livestock sector, and the sustainable management of marine and coastal resources for economic growth, jobs and improved livelihood, known as the blue economy.


During the group work sessions environmental and climate change concerns and priority issues were discussed and ranked, as well as key action points for strengthening water governance in the basin.


The results of all consultations are essential inputs for the development of the draft regional strategy document, which will be discussed in a regional workshop later this year.

Image: Stakeholders including representatives from the LVBC, LVBIWRMP, KfW and regional government authorities met in Uganda to thrash out a strategic direction for the programme.

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