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E-News Beat #4

October 2021  |  News and latest updates

High Priority Investments in the United Republic of Tanzania

Component 2 of the LVB IWRM Programme focuses on the realization of High Priority Infrastructure Investments (HPIs), which aim to reduce the pollution of the surface waters in the Basin. During the preparation phase of the Programme in 2016, four investment projects that address the pressing and ‘no-regret’ issue of wastewater and sanitation were selected, using a structured selection process. Here’s what’s happening in the country.

Tanzania, Mwanza


Mwanza Sewer Connection Upgrade

High priority justification

The capacity of the Ilemela wastewater treatment plant is currently underutilized. The plant can be operated at its full capacity by expanding the existing sewerage system with infill sewers, and by connecting some 1600 households.



The project area is Mwanza City, the second largest city in Tanzania. Mwanza is located in the north of Tanzania, directly along the shores of Lake Victoria.


The City of Mwanza wants to reduce the pollution load of Mwanza town currently discharged into Lake Victoria. The rocky soils in Mwanza do not favour affordable on-site sanitation systems. The hilly topography favours the ‘illegal’ emptying of full pits during the rains. Therefore, Mwanza has chosen off-site sanitation as the preferred wastewater management system in the future, expecting the town will grow to 1.9 million inhabitants in 2035.

A Wastewater and Sanitation Master Plan has been prepared for the expansion of sewerage. The Master Plan foresees three Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs) in Mwanza: one existing plant (Ilemela) and two new plants. The Ilemela WWTP is currently not utilized up to its design capacity due to the lack of sewer connections.


To enhance the collection of wastewater, and to improve sanitary conditions, the HPI aims to construct 14.4 km infill sewers to collect and convey wastewater generated in 4 urban areas to the existing Ilemela WWTP. To achieve the full load of the plant, the construction of 1,600 sewer connections is targeted. A draft sewer connecting strategy has been developed.

The National Project Executing Agency is the Mwanza Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (MWAUWASA).


The feasibility studies have been completed, and the related final Feasibility Study Report has been approved jointly by the LVBC and MWAUWASA, and will be cleared by KfW to advance to the detailed designs preparation stage.

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