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E-News Beat #31

November 2022  |  News and latest updates

Water Information System Functional Design In Progress

The ‘joint configuration’ process of the Lake Victoria Basin – Water Information System can now start after working sessions were held in Nairobi (June 2022) at a regional level, and in Kisumu (October 2022) with a Rwandan delegation consisting of two Water Information System (WIS) specialists.  


With the input from the Republic of Rwanda, the LVB IWRMP is finalizing a 'functional design' that will serve as a basis for the technical design of the WIS. In the design, the needs and demands of the Partner States for specific (hydrologic) modelling and other functionality is being specified. It will be integrated into the 'Model Implementation Report' to be published soon.

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Inputs from specialists will lead to a WIS functional design


What’s coming up

In the coming months (Dec 2022 - Apr 2023) an external consultant will start to build an operational LVB-WIS which will fully comprise the Nile Basin Decision Support System (NB-DSS) functionality as well as Delft-FEWS, enabling hydrological forecasting which can help to predict water levels.


Information products based on Open-Source Data (OSD) are also being produced mainly using remote sensing methods.  These information products comprise assessments of land use change, flood risk along the lake shores, and algae blossom in Lake Victoria. The aim is to support the strategic and sustainable management of the Basin through the provision of tailor-made information, based on the analysis of reliable and validated data.

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