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E-News Beat #36

July 2023  |  News and latest updates

Homa Bay County Government to Relocate Wastewater Treatment Plant for Improved Integrated Water Resources Management

Homa Bay County is set to relocate its wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) to a more suitable and strategic location in Rang'wena as part of a proposed High Priority Investment (HPI) under the Lake Victoria Basin Integrated Water Resources Management Programme (LVB IWRMP) implemented by the Lake Victoria Basin Commission (LVBC). The initiative is funded by the Government of Germany and implemented through its state-owned investment and development bank, KfW, with the aim of enhancing water management and sanitation in the Lake Victoria Basin.


The KfW delegation, headed by Mrs. Martina Maurer, conducted an appraisal visit to Homa Bay County, Kenya, to assess the status of the proposed project implementation site of a new High Priority Investment (HPI) project.


During the visit, the KfW delegation held meetings with Homa Bay County Governor Hon. Gladys Wanga and discussions around potential collaboration aimed at improving sanitation and wastewater management in Homa Bay Town. The discussions centered on the transfer of the existing wastewater treatment plant from Makongeni to a more suitable and expansive location in Rang’wena, a move that would provide adequate space for the utility to accommodate a broader range of waste. With talks providing valuable insights into the local authorities' resource challenges, particularly in extending the water supply to the last mile of coverage.


The delegation accompanied by LVBC had earlier been hosted at the Lake Victoria South Water Works Development Agency (LVSWWDA) for a courtesy visit to evaluate the progress of the Kisumu HPI under implementation. This assessment provided the team with an understanding of the implementation status and potential lessons learned that could be applied to the new Homa Bay project.


The proposed HPI project aims to address the issue of extending the water supply and improving the sewage collection and treatment systems. Gravity lines will be extended, and where gravity is ineffective, ablution blocks will be constructed, to enhance the existing lagoon plant. Rehabilitation and expansion will also take place, incorporating trickling filters and a constructed wetland.


Another aspect of the proposed project focuses on the proper management of solid waste. The plan includes recycling the waste before safely disposing of it outside Homa Bay, aiming to minimize its negative impact on the environment and public health.

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Image: The KfW delegation, headed by Martina Mauer discusses the impact of the relocation of the water treatment plant with Homa Bay County Governor Gladys Wanga.

Expected results

The new WWTP in Rang'wena will employ advanced treatment technologies and have increased capacity to ensure the delivery of high-quality and safe water treatment.


The HPIs under the IWRMP envisions a comprehensive approach to wastewater treatment, focusing on improving water quality and minimizing pollution risks. The new WWTP in Rang'wena will adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety, ensuring the treated wastewater meets regulatory requirements.


By relocating the WWTP, the county government aims to minimize the potential contamination of water sources, which will directly benefit the health and well-being of the community. Furthermore, the increased capacity of the new facility will facilitate future population growth and urban development in the region.


Homa Bay County Governor Hon. Gladys Wanga emphasized the importance of this relocation for Homa Bay County's water and sanitation goals. "The proposed relocation of the WWTP to Rang'wena aligns with our commitment to providing sustainable solutions for water and sanitation management," she stated.

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