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E-News Beat #38

March 2024|  News and latest updates

Lake Victoria Basin Integrated Water Resources Management Programme reflects on the successful Study Tour in June fostering relations with the EAC and SADC

A successful Study Tour took place in Lesotho in June 2023, organised by the Lake Victoria Basin Integrated Water Resources Management Programme with the support European Union and GIZ-EAC Technical Cooperation to strengthen the Lake Victoria Basin Commission in Integrated Water Resources Management.


The main aim of the Tour was to contribute to the capacity development process of regional institutions for Integrated Water Resources Management in the East African Community region, notably the Lake Victoria Basin Commission and other lake basin organisations within the East African Community.

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Image: Representatives from LVBC visit the Ha Khabo rapid watershed rehabilitation site, Integrated Catchment Management, Lowlands, Lesotho

In the process, a wealth of experience was shared on legal and institutional frameworks for effective transboundary water resources management. Other important aims successfully completed were:


(i) Broadening the knowledge base of the EAC /LVBC professionals;

(ii) Benefiting from lessons learnt and good governance in Transboundary Water Management applied in the SADC region including water quality management, integrated catchment management, joint transboundary water resources management and infrastructure development and resource mobilization, with a view to identifying issues and challenges relevant to the institutional capacity building process;

(iii) Establishing relationship for future consultations, information exchange and mutual benefits; and

(iv) Creating an opportunity to jointly discuss water resources issues in the SADC and EAC via an online exchange through workshops, where information on relevant instruments and tools on Transboundary Water Management were shared and field visits of the transboundary water resources management and development projects implemented under ORASECOM.


The overall objective of the Study Tour was to foster an exchange of knowledge for effective transboundary water resources management and climate risks informed approaches.


Study tour communication

The Lesotho Study Tour was covered prolifically in the national media. Seven news articles, one Lesotho government website article, three radio clips and three TV broadcasts were broadcast or published. A dedicated production company also filmed 11 short videos and a collection of portrait and landscape stills images were also documented. Social media posts were created daily for the LVB IWRMP Twitter pages and retweeted on the LVBC channels.


TV clips

26 June 2023 NewsDay Media Lesotho – TV clip (459) STUDY TOUR BY THE LAKE VICTORIA BASIN COMMISSION - YouTube

Newsday Media Lesotho Facebook video: Watch | Facebook

LNBS Morning 19 June  live show LTV 6:30 and 7:30 Tuesday  20 June repeat 14:30 Facebook Live | Facebook  Timecode 6:26 – 9:07

Radio clips

Harvest FM – GIZ EAC having study tour in Lesotho – radio clip Harvest FM | EAC-GIZ IS HAVING STUDY TOUR IN LESOTHO

Sky Alpha Radio – live radio interview with Mukubwa

News articles

Thala-boliba News 29 June 2023  Study Tour on Integrated Water Resources... - Thala-boliba News | Facebook

Lentsoe-la-Basotho/Lesotho Today newspapers 21 June 2023 (Article in folder) Exchange of ideas key for Managing water



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