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Majisys Factsheet - Leaflet

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Majisys Factsheet - Leaflet



University of Twente, the Netherlands & Upande, Kenya and Deltares, the Netherlands

Otherwise the copyright prevents this. In that case check the website using the hyperlink below (if provided).

Majisys project

data collection water quantity project IWRM catchment data transfer databases water quality

l Collection of observations and geographical data
l Imports and exports via Excel CSV or JSON
l Generation of model inputs, e.g., ground water, surface water
l Hydrological Analysis, e.g., double mass
curve, data density plot, flow duration curves
l Standardize access using web services and based on open standards
l Visualization through web applications using interactive maps and charts
l Presentation of results (reports, charts, posters)
l Easy configuration of time series parameters and locations
l Display any background map available in a geographic repository as a WMS
l Extend the data processing menu with your own Python routines
l Designed primarily for Hydro Meteorological Services, but MajiSys can also handle user-defined time series for other disciplines eg. biodiversity data/species counts

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