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Uganda, Kampala


Wastewater Treatment Plant rehabilitation (Luzira suburb of Kampala).

High priority justification

The Greater Luzira Area is in urgent need of sanitation upgrading. The area includes the industrial area of Port Bell, and the Luzira Prisons. The population and industrial activities are growing fast. The area has no sewer lines except old ones for part of the prison area. The area accommodates two stabilisation ponds which are not sufficient to treat the currently generated and collected wastewater and are in poor operational condition. The effluent is discharged to Murchison Bay of Lake Victoria.


The HPI identified in 2016 aimed at realizing a constructed wetland (CW) within the Nakivubo channel to improve the water quality of the channel, reduce pollution of the Bay and eventually function as a tertiary treatment for the Bugolobi Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). Follow-up studies showed that the CW is no longer feasible, due to urban developments that took place in the past years. A new HPI had to be identified.

Stakeholders agreed on the need to shift the original scope to another pollution hot spot in Kampala, the Greater Luzira Area, a growing suburb of the capital city, located between the Nakivubo and the Kinawataka Wetland. To compile and assess data on the selected hot spot, and to define the scope of a potential new project scope, it was agreed to carry out a Project Identification Study. The study took place from November 2021 to April 2022.

The project area was delimited to the South-eastern part of the area.

Two options have been analysed: (1) collection and transfer of all wastewaters to the Nakivubo Treatment Plant, or (2) conservation, rehabilitation, and expansion of the existing Luzira Prison Treatment Plant.

The National Project Executing Agency is the Ministry of Water & Environment (MWE)


​The Project Implementation Consultant has prepared a report with the main findings and recommendations. The results were presented and discussed in a workshop on 28 April 2022. Stakeholders concluded that option 1 offers the best technical concept: two new pumping stations will be constructed at the existing sites of the wastewater treatment pond systems, with pressure pipes leading to the WWTP. Further in-depth analysis of this option through a Feasibility Study will be conducted.

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