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E-News Beat #11

January 2022  |  News and latest updates

Country Meetings

After a long period of Covid-19 related travel restrictions and virtual meeting sessions, the LVB IWRM Programme Coordination Unit, supported by the IWRM Programme Consultant (IPC) has begun conducting a series of physical country meetings. Key national programme stakeholders are invited to participate in the meetings, where all project activities are presented, intermediate results discussed, and next steps formulated.


Uganda and Rwanda were the first two countries visited in October and November 2021. Two further country meetings in Tanzania and Kenya are scheduled to take place in February 2022.


The missions consist of two Programme Coordination Unit members, German state-owned investment and development bank KfW’s Programme Assistance Consultant (PAC), and experts from the IPC and Programme Implementation Consultant (PIC).

Three activities are undertaken through back-to-back meeting sessions:

  1. The launch of the call for projects to form a new pipeline of High Priority Investment projects. The project identification and selection procedure, as well as the Project Identification Form (also available online) are presented and discussed.

  2. National consultations on the Regional IWRM Strategy are under development. The Draft Situation Analysis is presented and discussed, inputs for a long-term vision, long term objectives and key thematic areas are agreed upon with participants.

  3. Interaction with members of the National Water Information System who will participate in the joint configuration and development of the Lake Victoria Basin-Water Information System (LVB-WIS).  The national water information systems are investigated and future connections between the national databases and the LVB-WIS are explored.

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