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Document Library

This section gives access to the IWRM library of the Lake Victoria Basin  Integrated Water Resources Management Programme of the Lake Victoria Basin Commission. Many of the listed documents are available for download; for others only the abstract is given and readers are directed to the publisher's website. 

For a list of publications  and the option to search keywords, country or region and type of document, select menu option "Library".

Current Situation LVB

This section (under design) will give access to up to date information on the Lake Victoria Basin. Initially it will include the latest water levels and any news items related to water quality and quantity, as well as a quick view of the recent and forecast rainfall. For several hotspots around the lake relevant IWRM information will be displayed, mostly derived from open access satellite derived information. Select menu option "LVB Situation"

IWRM related maps

This section gives access to assorted background information on the Lake Victoria Basin. It includes relevant maps and  satellite imagery . Select menu option "Maps" and the preferred submenu, either "LVB Map Overview" or "LVB Map List"

Online data sources

This section provides an extensive list of relevant IWRM data sources on the internet. Select menu option "Online Resources".

Search the
Knowledge Portal

To enable search in all texts, search terms can be entered in the search box below, or in similar search boxes on the main Library, Map and Online Resources pages. The result will show matches within the full Knowledge Portal.  To see the full set of search results on the search page, click on the "looking glass" icon to the right.

Knowledge Base Portal

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