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E-News Beat #7

November 2021  |  News and latest updates

Programme Operational Manual updates for the Integrated Water Resources Management Programme

A Programme Operational Manual (POM), developed in 2016, was primarily designed to support the main stakeholders in managing the infrastructure investment component of the Programme. It lays down definitions and defines investment management and financial procedures including the assignment of tasks and responsibilities. The manual provides specific guidance on roles and responsibilities of institutions and officials in carrying out their duties in key areas of Investment Programme implementation.

The primary user of the Manual is the LVB IWRM Programme Coordination Unit (PCU) at the Lake Victoria Basin Commission (LVBC). Institutions participating in the Programme should also take notice of this manual, notably the National Project Executing Agencies in the Partner states. This Manual may be used by other internal LVBC staff, consultants and external experts involved in the Programme.

Over the past few months, the Manual has been revised and presented to the Partner States, as well as to KfW. It is expected that the final version will be approved by the Regional Project Steering Committee (RPSC) before being applied to the selection process of the new pipeline projects. Watch this space!

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